Kick Off The Spring Market

So if we are going to be honest, we were a little envious when one of our team members went on a family trip to the Caribbean last week. Especially considering that Western New York was buried in snow. However, her pictures of sandy beaches and sunshine are a great reminder for our clients: Spring is Coming.

While last week’s wind chill temperatures may have you believe otherwise, February kicks off the spring market in our region. With buyers ramping up their searches, it is important for sellers to begin the process now. Prior to listing your property, The Enas Latif Sales Team brings a methodical approach to preparing your home for sale. We conduct a thorough walk though of your home in order to assess market value, marketing strategies best suited for your particular property, and updates or repairs that could maximize your return.

Some of you may still be working to shovel snow from your driveways, but getting out in front of the avalanche of properties that tend blanket the market in Spring may give you the advantage in our competitive market.

Enas Latif Sales Team