Hat and Mitten Drive

The Enas Latif Sales Team has teamed up with Friends of Night People to organize a hat and mitten drive.

While we take this season to bring gifts and joy to those we love, we should also maintain other traditions of this holiday season. Goodwill towards man. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have food or shelter during these cold months. Many go without coats in the colder weather, often getting sick. And we all know how Buffalo winters can get.

While we experience some of the harshest winters in the country, and many people go without the means to buy winter attire. This is why this drive is so important. Gently used, or new, mittens and hats can be donated to the Friends of Night People. Donations started getting accepted on November 4th and will continue until the 16th of December. It is the season for giving, so let’s give to those who need the most.

Friends of Night People is an organization that is dedicated to feeding, clothing, and aiding in any way they can, the homeless people of Buffalo, NY. They go as far as helping the homeless and destitute with medical care and counseling. But most importantly, they provide hope. They provide help 365 days a year, and it is because of the men and women who donate and volunteer. They take any and all help they can get in order to provide any and all help that they can for those who are struggling during this cold weather.

Together, the Enas Latif Sales Team and Friends of Night People seek to make a difference this holiday season. We ask that you do everything you can to keep the spirit of giving and goodwill alive. There are so many who have suffered from misfortune. Make a difference for them.