Clear The Clutter

Is your home feeling stuffy? Do you feel the need to Marie Kondo your home? Perhaps your home just needs a good old fashioned overhaul, but whatever your motivation, try these tips for getting your home organized so you can feel more at home in your space!

Use the 12 month rule

This is simple; set a time to go through all of your clothing and make two piles. The first is for clothing you like and have worn within the last 12 months. The second pile is the donate pile — things you haven’t worn in over a year. It can be hard to part with pieces of clothing, but be diligent! This is about freeing up space in your closet or dresser.

Tackle one room per day

Decluttering your whole place can seem like a monster of a task, and that’s because it is! However, if you take a systematic approach to decluttering, you’ll be in much better shape. Take 30 minutes on each room, one per day, looking for things to throw out or donate. One room a day and your home could be decluttered in less than a week.

Try the 10-10-10 Challenge

Short and sweet: throw out 10 things, donate 10 things, and return 10 things to their proper place in your home. This fun challenge will have your home feeling spacious in no time.

Happy De cluttering!